September 2023- Patrick LittleWolf Brooks

September 2023- Patrick LittleWolf Brooks

Patrick is a member of the Tuscarora Nation, Wolf Clan, a matrilineal society.  He grew up learning a different mindset, one of love and respect for the sacredness of women and family.  He grew up surrounded by Veterans in his family and in his Nation.  He admired these Warriors, their dances, their feathers, the love and respect shown to them from their community.  He wanted to be among them someday, honorable, humble, brave- a Warrior that his people and tribal youth could look to with respect and honor. He wanted to be an example for his future family.

Patrick also grew up poor.  Like many youth, he wanted opportunities and found them available in the Army.  He signed up and served for 12 years.  He was able to travel and see Europe while stationed in Germany.  His service also took him to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.  

He would have finished if he could have and retired after a lifetime of service.  Life took a different path.  He was medically discharged after multiple injuries including TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).  After all his losses, his healing journey brought him home to his Traditions. 

Brother LittleWolf  now has his own loving family.  He dances in his Tradition as a way of coping and healing.  Dancing brings him closer to Creator in his heart and spirit.  The greatest advice he ever received was from his Grandfather who told him, “Never set a goal greater than tomorrow.” The greatest goal LittleWolf strives for is to be “better than he was yesterday.”

Patrick also co-hosts a podcast called the B&B Indigenous Podcast where he shares what is happening in Indian Country, some of his experiences and wisdom, and interacts occasionally with listeners and guest speakers.  His voice is full of humility and compassion on any occasion he speaks, even on his Facebook livestreams.

His advice for young people thinking about joining any branch of the military is to know what you want to do and plan for life after military service.  Think of the military as a stepping stone to something bigger. Be a little mentally selfish.  If you want a certain career such as a helicopter pilot and your ASVAB score is too low, you can retake the ASVAB as many times as you want.  Find out what it takes and what you need to do to have the career you want and pursue it.

Don’t let recruiters convince you they will get you into the career you want.  Study, research, raise your ASVAB score for your career of choice. Also make sure your career will translate to the civilian world.  For Patrick, he qualified for law enforcement in civilian life but that isn’t what he wanted.  He made some promises to himself that made law enforcement no longer an option for him.

He also advised that any injuries you suffer while in the military, get them documented.  You never know what can happen.  Life can throw an unexpected curve and derail your plans.  Don’t be the tough guy.  Having your injuries documented will make it easier to navigate disability benefits should you need them.  Join the military with a plan and a purpose.  Don’t let anyone dissuade you from that, not the recruiters and not your commanding officer.

He also made a point to say that the military is not for everyone and that’s okay.  Be true to yourself. Listen to your heart and your spirit.

Patrick LittleWolf Brooks is a man with a good, humble, compassionate heart and shares his words with honor and humility.  Please check out his podcast on Facebook and podcast platforms: B&B Indigenous Podcast 

He also MC’s powwows and performs Traditional music at events.

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