I Think of the Amazing You

I Think of the Amazing You

Sunrise 1

As the sun rises and the world wakes to greet it, I ponder our connection with the universe and to all life around us.  My mind finds it’s way to thoughts of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his work with what he called Orgone or Life Force.  You might have heard it called Chi, KI, Kah, Qui, or other terms.  

We are energy. Our energy flows with all energy around us.  This is our interconnectedness Great Masters throughout the ages in all cultures have taught us.  Though I simplify in this brief writing, we know our interconnectedness is more complex than I have space to describe here.  

I envision this interconnected flow between myself, the earth, my animal companions, the sunrise, and all of you.  Therefore, I ask, what do we choose to add to our web of life today? Will it be chaos, frustration, anger? Or shall it be love, peace, and compassion? We have the power, every moment of every day, to decide how we will approach the challenges and pains of life just as much the joys.  Despite my struggles, my fellow travelers, I am choosing love and compassion.  I pray you have the inner strength to choose the same.  You hold the power.  You are amazing. You are strong.  You are beautiful.



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