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Metaphysics of Manifesting our Land

Posted by Rocky Mountain Metaphysics Inc on

Sunrise in the Sangre Mountain Range

We rented for years.  That means we were subject to the landlord’s rules.  Simple, right?   Well, we couldn’t install carpet where we needed it or replace the old, nasty carpet that needed replacing, we couldn’t buy outdoor play equipment such as swings or a jungle gym due to liability for the landlord, we couldn’t put the children’s art and school projects on the wall, nor family photos, we couldn’t do much to make the space somewhat ours.  It was nice to have the landlord be responsible for anything that might break such as the heater, the stove, plumbing, leaky roof, for example.  The place just felt foreign though, not like our home.  

I came to the point I wanted a place that was ours, a place that belonged to us.  I wanted my children to be able to make their rooms theirs, put their pictures on the wall, and paint their rooms if they wanted to.  I wanted a place where the children could play outside safely, make a temporary mess in the yard, have pets if they wanted, and play equipment.

I also wanted acreage, room to develop my business, a place to live off grid and in harmony with the earth and with the teachings of my Elders.  I wanted space for a garden, a greenhouse, and anything else I and my children desired.  I had always wanted 100 acres.  I started praying and meditating on such land.  I told Creator about my ideal space, the characteristics I desired, and focused on this for a minimum of ten minutes in the mornings and ten minutes in the evenings every day before I went to bed.  I told Creator I trusted that the ideal space would be provided, and I would accept what Creator presented to us.  

A few months later, I was reading the local paper as usual. In the back of the paper was a three-sentence ad for a property listed as “off grid” and a phone number.  I called.  I asked many questions.  Throughout the whole conversation, the seller didn’t think I would want it despite the fact I said I would buy it at least three times.  The seller insisted I see the property first.  The property was described to me in great detail.  The price was more than ideal.  We made an appointment to meet on the property.

The day came.  We saw the property.  There was a well, a septic, a house that had been open to the elements and wildlife for who knew how long.  The children loved the yard.  There were places where odds and ends were discarded in the yard.  We knew we had work to do to make the house a livable home.  We knew cleaning the discards out of the yard would also take a long time.  The yard was 75 acres, no power lines (which meant no more migraines), open space, almost no neighbors, and peace.  I said we would take it.

We moved forward with negotiations on the purchase.  The price was so low I agreed to it from the beginning.  The paperwork was drawn up, contracts signed, money exchanged, and we began the process of cleaning and disinfecting the house.  We were able to move in within a week.  Within a month, my Elders were able to come bless the property and receive their gifts we had prepared.

The whole process took a little over a year from first making the decision to manifesting the property by focusing solely on the property for 20 minutes a day consistently.  None of this would have been possible without Creator, the Universe, Divine Intelligence answering my prayer.  I thoroughly believe my prayer was answered through the metaphysics of manifestation.  Everything fell into place over time.

Much love,



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